Student Resources

NAIT is very active on social media! As an institute, we use social media to engage students, staff, grads, and the community, in our unique polytechnic story, act as a source for NAIT-related information, provide customer service, and listen and learn from the community.

We encourage students to use social media to develop a portfolio of practical work done while at NAIT and demonstrate themselves as subject matter experts in their field.

Be mindful of how you’re presenting yourself online, as many recruiters use social media in their recruitment efforts.

Students are also encouraged to follow and engage with NAIT social media accounts for campus news and event information, freebies/contests, customer service, and more.

Don’t forget to tag @NAIT and #NAIT in your posts, so we can see and respond to your post quicker.

Have specific questions about social media at NAIT? Contact socialmedia@nait.ca