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Snapchat is a photo/video messaging app where users can send photos or quick videos that ‘disappear’ after they are viewed. Text or colourful drawings can also be added to the photos or videos, and it’s common to see enlarged emojis on snaps.

Photos and videos can either be sent directly to certain users, or shared on a Snapchat ‘Story’, which is like a newsfeed, where photos and videos can be repeatedly viewed by users for up to 24 hours (before they also disappear).

Snapchat is the world’s fastest growing social network, and is primarily used by millennials (teens and young adults) but is gaining more traction with the older crowd too.

There are 100 million daily active users sending 700 million photo/video snaps per day.

It’s reported that 77 per cent of college students are using Snapchat at least once a day, and 70 per cent would add a brand as a friend if they also followed them on another social network such as Facebook or Twitter.

NAIT launched a Snapchat account in 2015 to see how it can be best used to engage with students.

We don’t recommend department accounts start multiple Snapchat accounts to engage students, instead, please work with the current NAITOfficial Snapchat account to showcase your department or program area in a fun way. We are always looking to highlight student services, events, and other valuable content for students. Email socialmedia@nait.ca.

Best Practices

  • Tell an interesting story
    Where you can, ensure your snaps have a beginning, middle, and end. They should also be of varying lengths and type (mix of photo and video). This makes it more interesting for viewers
  • Be in the moment
    Snapchat is not about careful scripting. Snaps can be shaky, a bit blurry, and totally goofy.
  • Include context
    Most users send and view snaps throughout their day – in the classroom, the office, on the bus, etc. – which can make it hard to view video snaps with audio. Use the text caption feature to add context to your videos.
  • Use selfie lenses
    In selfie mode, press and hold down on your face for a dozen Snapchat lenses. You can shrink your eyes or stretch your forehead, breathe flames, or look like a dog (long tongue and droopy ears and all). There are new lenses available all the time.
  • Track your stats
    Snapchat isn’t focused on analytics. The only metric it offers is Score, the total number of snaps you’ve sent and received, which shows how active you are. You can’t see how many followers other users have or even how many you have. You can only estimate based on number of views you’re getting per snap, but you wouldn’t know for sure unless you manually record followers as you get them.
  • Cross-promote
    It’s hard to discover accounts or have your account be found in Snapchat – unless people are friends with you already and have your contact number, or know your exact username. You can also raise awareness of your Snapchat account by sharing your Snapcode (like a Snapchat QR code unique to your profile) or your personal Snapchat profile URL (http://www.snapchat.com/add/YOURUSERNAME) on your other social networks.


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