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NAIT’s comprehensive visual identity program enhances our reputation, leverages quick recognition, demonstrates organizational purpose, generates internal and external pride, and eliminates confusion.

As such, NAIT has created naming and design specifications and standards for the consistent, accurate application of the NAIT visual identity to all school, department, program or other NAIT social media accounts.

Please use the following for your social media accounts:

All social media accounts being operated on behalf of schools, departments, programs or other should include NAIT in the name. Examples: NAIT Alumni (Facebook Page), @NAITOoks, @NAITCareers

The program/department should be spelled out fully in the public display name and bio. Examples: eat AT NAIT, NAIT Ooks, NAIT Careers, “We are #NAIT Continuing Education & Corporate and International Training.”

Please try to avoid the use of acronyms in your name, if possible.

It is recommended that account profile pictures be personable, and feature an image representative to the specific account and that department/program brand. We want to avoid seeing too many logos/NAIT shields interacting with one another online.

Need to find photos? The NAIT ePix Media Repository is a great source for finding images of NAIT events, campus scenes and student life, and other files published by the Learning and Teaching Commons. These images are free to use for NAIT staff members and can be accessed through the internal intranet here. They’re useful for social media profile or header/cover images, or content for your posts (though we recommend you use new photos in posts wherever possible).

You can also reach out to NAIT photographers and request specific photos by contacting photo_marketing@nait.ca.