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A brief SocialNAIT history

Social media has empowered students, staff, alumni, clients, partners and the community at large – and we recognize that what is said online can have a significant impact on organizational and professional reputations and brand.

That’s why in the fall of 2011, NAIT began transitioning away from an organic approach to social media –one that offered an inconsistent experience for our communities and a lack of collaboration among staffers – to a more coordinated, collaborative model.

We developed a social media staff policy and procedure, a governance committee with representation from across the institute, a resource team to assist employees using social media in their jobs, through training, social media resources, and social media strategy guidance and development.

If you’re interested in starting an official NAIT social media account, or have any questions as it relates to social media and NAIT, please contact the NAIT Social Media Resource Team at socialmedia@nait.ca.

Posting tips

We encourage staff to be social. When posting about NAIT on social media, please use #NAIT and tag @NAIT wherever possible. This ensures our main accounts see your post, and can share it on our networks.

You can also refer to the Directory of official NAIT accounts for more relevant @usernames to tag.

Be sure you’ve read up on our staff social media policy and procedure. It’s currently getting an update, but contact us socialmedia@nait.ca for a working copy.


The following principles should guide your social media participation:

  • Recognize and respect the communities we serve
    • How does your post demonstrate recognition and respect for NAIT communities?
    • Consider how others, including students and the community, will receive or be impacted by your comments
    • Respect intellectual property
  • Reflect an accurate and balanced perspective
    • Ensure posts are factually correct
    • Thoroughly read links and posts before sharing to others
  • Add value to NAIT, our organization, and brand image
    • Demonstrate your expertise in your role at NAIT
    • Embody our brand attributes: relevant, responsive, reputable, essential
    • Convey our brand personality: friendly, caring, hands-on, flexible, focused yet fun, nimble and passionate
  • Enhance learning for students in the classroom
    • How does your post support learning and growth in the classroom?
    • Develop students’ abilities to use social media in an ethical and balanced manner
    • Encourage students to take advantage of opportunities presented through social

Responding to comments

We’ve created a flow chart to help you decide how to respond to positive, neutral, and negative comments posted to NAIT social media accounts, or messages you may come across on social while operating a NAIT-managed account.

It’s important to monitor and review your social media account on a regular basis and respond to queries in a timely manner.

If you’re ever unsure of how to respond, contact socialmedia@nait.ca

Policy & Procedure

Employees are reminded that the same policies, procedures, ethics and laws that set standards for real-world interactions among NAIT employees and with NAIT constituents and the public apply in social media environments.

These include, but are not limited to: