Snapchat Career Fair Contest Recap

February 25, 2016

As part of our Snapchat launch, we ran a two-part #NAITCareerFair Snapchat contest in January 2016 targeting NAIT students.

Our decision to use Snapchat for Career Fair was a targeted approach that met several strategic needs. We wanted to offer valuable job-seeking strategies and information to current students and alumni who may be looking for employment, while showcasing our Business Admin – Human Resources program and student expertise. We also wanted to ensure that we were targeting our audience in an innovative and creative way – using a platform that’s relevant to them – in order to raise interest and participation.

We knew for the contest to be successful, that we needed to create a fun campaign that tapped into Snapchat’s creative aspects (including filters, enlarged emojis, scribble/art, etc.)

Career Fair NAIT Snapchat

In the first stage of our contest, ahead of Career Fair, we wanted to showcase our Business Admin – Human Resources program and student expertise, by having students be the ‘face’ of our Snapchat account for a set period of time, where other students could snap in human resources/interview/job hunt-related questions, and our HR students would answer back live in real-time.


We received 17 great questions, and you can see some of those questions and answers in this video recap:

The second stage of our contest occurred on the day of Career Fair where we asked students to snap us a selfie showing us their dream job. We encouraged them to use Snapchat’s filters and scribble/art options, and we received very creative entries!

Career Fair NAIT Snapchat

Here is a sample of the entries we received:

Snapchat Career Examples Snapchat Career Examples

Snapchat Career Examples

Snapchat Career Examples

We randomly selected a winning entry out of all entries received (a total of one winner for both stages of the contest).

Congratulations to Natasha – she wins a $100 gift card! Good luck on getting your dream job, Natasha!

NAIT Snapchat Career Fair

Using Snapchat to engage with our students is a priority for our social media strategy for the 2015-16 school year, and we had so much fun experimenting with the platform for Career Fair!

Watch for more contests this semester!

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