NAIT Vine #HowTo Video series

April 22, 2014

What can you learn in 6 seconds? A lot.

NAIT staff share their expertise in our Vine #HowTo Video Series!

How to stretch at your desk (Part 3)

How to make chicken cordon bleu

How to stretch at your desk (Part 3)

How to stretch at your desk (Part 2)

How to make chicken kebabs

How to make a rouladen

How to make breaded hot wings

How to make a chocolate-covered strawberry bouquet

How to wash your hands

How to avoid spreading germs

How to taste wine

How to properly pour beer

How to make a cheese board

How to season meatballs

How to filet a fish

How to keep cavities away during Halloween

How to eat healthier for Halloween

How to adjust your chair

How to stand with proper posture

How to cut up a chicken

How to fold a fancy napkin

How to properly set a table

How to carry a rabbit

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