Come with us on the #NAITHunt!

September 13, 2014

In conjunction with our #NAITBacktoSchool Instagram contest, this fall (2014) we encouraged students to join us on the #NAITHunt!

NAITHunt Contest

The ‘get to know your campus’ #NAITHunt was held at the end of Welcome Week and into the second week of classes. Photo clues showing various locations at NAIT (Main, Patricia, and Souch campuses) were shared on Instagram. The first person who arrived at the campus locations shown in the photos, and checked in with our Instagram account manager, won a prize and had their name entered into a draw for a grand prize. We also gave out consolation prizes for runner-ups/participants. This was the first time NAIT had ever held a social contest like the #NAITHunt – and we had so much fun!

Check out some photos of the clues we posted, the winners, and some of the participants below:

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